Hi all! My name is Mikki and I like to make stuff. From time the I was pretty small I remember pretending and wishing I could sew, knit, and cook. I am been married to my best friend and we bought our first house, a townhouse, about a year ago.

I am mostly self taught. I started out making friendship bracelets and needle point kits as a kid, and in my early twenties I taught myself to knit by watching videos on the internet. My mom is a great cook and I learned what I know from watching her and experimenting on own. Since buying, and trying to decorate our home, while on a budget, I have started dabbling into furniture refinishing, sewing, and I have A LOT of projects on my to do list to try to make our cookie cutter house more like OUR home.

I hope to keep this blog to keep track of my progresses, and also to share a bit about myself, and my journey. I plan on focusing mostly on happy stuff and projects, but also talking about life with the hubs and our fat little pup, as well as my struggles, like learning to love and take care of myself, and dealing with infertility.

So that's it in a nutshell!

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